Lead Generation Techniques

Lead Generation occurs when a piece of valuable, desired content is exchanged for registration information. As a process, lead generation begins with identifying your target audience and creating custom content to attract and engage that target audience. The direct outcome is net new names that can be filtered into your marketing database. In short, lead generation is all about putting your buyers ahead of the sale and generating demand for your content. Here are 5 lead generation techniques to accelerate your pipeline

  1. Create Buyer Centric Content - If the content you create is too broad, you will bring in visitors who will not convert. Thus, decreasing your Google rank and your ability to identify and capture net new leads. To create buyer centric content, you must start by identifying buyer personas. Buyer personas will tell you who your target audience is, where they are consuming content and how your content can help them.
  2. Align Content to Buyer Journey - Once you understand your target audience, you must align your content to reach them at the stage in the buyer journey where they are located. For example, consumers who are in the later stages of the journey are looking for particular branded solutions rather than educational content, and as such, should be receiving promotional content (case studies, customer success stories, demos, etc.)
  3. Multi-Channel Distribution - Obviously, as modern marketers, we are aware of the importance of PPC and organic search. What is a little less obvious however is the importance that social media plays into the reach of your content. Here are a couple stats from QuickSprout.com illustrating that importance of being present on social media
    • 79% of Twitter users are likely to reccomend brands they follow
    • Your followers are 72% more likely to buy from you
  4. Optimized Landing Page - By utilizing multiple channels you have the opportunity to direct a large amount of visitors back to your landing page. Not only should these landing pages be in line with Google's best practices, they should be tailored around the specific search that brought that visitor to that particular page. (for more info on how to build and optimize landing pages at scale, try our free demo)
  5. Gated CTA's - Once you have directed your visitors back to a tailored landing page, you want to ensure that you have a piece of quality content that will capture their attention. If you have properly aligned your content to reach certain buyers at certain parts of the buyer journey, you should be able to decide between a piece of educational content or promotional content. The key here, however, is gating this content. Gating refers to the process of placing a form in front of a piece of content that enables you to collect valuable registration information. This is a win win as you collect a lead and the visitor collects valuable content.

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