Lead Generation Strategy

There is a pool of potential buyers out there, but marketers are struggling to capture their attention. In a world with an abundance of information, buyers are receptive to most of the information they see on a daily basis But as a marketer you want to be able to capture those leads. Generating leads means more revenue for your business.

Here's a few steps to creating a lead generation strategy.

  • Create targeted landing pages with strong CTAs- a tool like Captora integrates with your templates and creates targeted campaigns based on the keywords your buyers are searching for with a relevant CTA to help boost conversions
  • Create relevant content- If your buyers feel like they can get value from your brand they are most likely to convert into leads
  • Make sure your offers are appealing to your audience - Know what offers are driving conversions and what offers are not. You can do this by testing your CTA and looking at how many people are downloading your asset.
  • Utilize 3rd Party vendors- Share your content on other sites and put a form in front of it for lead generation. You'll be able to hit people who are not in your database.
  • Test, Test, Test- The most important thing is testing your content, offers, and CTA. Knowing what is working and what isn't and reporting on it will help you know what is driving leads.

Marketers need to be able to find technology to help them find and capture new leads to fuel their lead generation machine. Download our ebook to find out how to fill the top-of-the-funnel to accelerate pipeline growth.

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