Lead Generation Strategies

Lead generation is the marketing technique of collecting registration from prospects in exchange for something of value. The direct outcome is adding new contacts to your marketing database that can be followed up by sales. In the current state of modern digital marketing, this responsibility is no longer a responsibility of sales but instead marketing. Here are a couple lead generation strategies to help you adapt to the changing environment

  1. Live Events - Even as digital marketing continues to dominate, live events (networking events, dinners, targeted trade shows, webinars, speaking sessions) are still one of the best to generate leads as you can engage a large target audience.
  2. Content Marketing - As live events may occur less frequent, content marketing is the backbone to any effective lead generation strategy. As Google is placing more emphasis on providing online users with the exact content they are looking for, companies who are providing their audience with educational and valuable content will be able to capture leads before the competition.
  3. Landing Page Optimization - Landing pages are a great way to provide online visitors with targeted campaigns based on the specific search terms they are using. Landing pages are single webpages that address a specific pain point with the goal of converting that visitor on that specific campaign. Landing page optimization is the technique increasing conversion rates on single campaigns.
  4. Marketing Automation - As you convert visitors on your landing pages, you will realize not every visitor is ready to be passed along to sales. This is why you need marketing automation, in order nurture prospects and maintain relationships as leads become more qualified.

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