Lead Generation Services

Are you stressed to drive sales and fuel sales growth? As marketers are seen as a sales driver, rather than a cost, this is a reality that many Internet promoters are facing. As buyers are being engage with many touch points with customers, tying your marketing efforts to investment can be a challenge. That is why marketers need effective ways to help them monitor marketing effectiveness that are successful. Here are some marketing approaches to help you demonstrate your marketing efforts.

  • Acquisition Cost Per Customer
  • Incremental Cost Per Lead
  • Rate of acquisition
  • Organic search traffic
  • Number of generated and qualified leads.

Captora is a SAAS (Software as a Service) company that is helping clients improve on their own marketing efforts in order to increase growth. Captora can help you like this:

  • Compare your web site against your competitors' web sites in order to identify missing content and opportunity gaps.
  • Use this data to flexibly create hundreds of SEO friendly landing pages. This is how marketers can use data to get customized content in front of possible customers. These help improve conversion rates and organic search traffic.
  • Collect metrics on the success of these marketing services to ensure you are getting the best content in front of the correct people.

Learn how Captora can be a lead generation service and reduce lead costs, customer abilities, percentage of net new leads and overall Google traffic.

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