Lead Generation Program

Your Lead Generation Program is a journey that Internet marketers use to increase brand value and generate leads for their services, products or industry as a whole. A Lead Generation Program contains all marketing efforts that increase brand value, online appearance or influence the perception of a company with their leads. This program enables clients to reach new customers, promote new technologies, build fanatical followers and customer interest, or make themselves appear more influential than they actually are (this is especially true for small companies.) Here are some effective lead generation programs.

  • Live Engagements - Trade shows are an excellent way to connect with your social followers and fanatics, reach fresh audiences and broadcast your message to everybody else.
  • Press Releases - Have you recently won a techie award? Is your company being promoted by the general public? Maybe you just unveiled a new technology or major new features. Press releases are an excellent way to get out there and get leads into your lead program.
  • Google and Google AdWords Search - Internet buyers use Google free search and Google AdWords search to find and learn about new products, companies and technologies. These buyers are looking for solutions, not typing in specific brand names. You must to create search engine campaigns to attract these potential customers during their searches.
  • Facebook and Twitter - Social media is a way for brands to connect with regular people, increase eyeballs and get their ads to Super Bowl sized audiences. If you are not on social media, here are some great stats to get you motivated to sign up.
    • 75%+ of the Twitter audience will buy from brands they follow.
    • The lead-to-close rate in social media is double than the lead-to-close rate in active direct marketing.
    • It costs 70%+ less to get leads from Facebook and Twitter than other channels
Please watch this short video to learn more about lead generation programs and how Captora can help you drive pipeline.

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