Lead Generation Processes

Lead generation is the process of swapping a piece of educational content for a potential buyers's contact information. The direct outcome is a new lead that can be entered into your marketing database. While there are many different strategies, a lead generation process should incorporate these three steps.

  1. Identify Target Audience - Otherwise known as your buyer persona, your target audience is who you want to create your content for. Before you begin creating your content, you should understand the pain points, obstacles and goals of your target audience.
  2. Align Content - As online consumers are spending large amounts of time engaging with content, it is important to distribute content across multiple channels. However, what is equally important is that your content is aligned to the certain parts of the buyer journey.
  3. Optimize Landing Pages - As you begin to understand your target audience and as your aligned content engages them on multiple platforms, you want to ensure you are converting these visitors leads. A great way to do this is through optimized landing pages that include a direct relationship between a particular keyword and the landing page's URL, title, subtitle, body content and CTA.
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