Lead Generation Plan

Having a lead generation plan is important for your marketers. Your people are under pressure to increase sales, and without an effective lead generation plan they will miss out on sales opportunities to get new leads. Here are 5 ways to create an effective lead generation plan.

  1. Create business goals- Be specific. Use the SMART method to create goals.
  2. Find your competitors- Pick 3-5 competitive companies in your space and use a solution, like Captora, to track of what they do. Captora keeps you updated about your competitors by showing how your content compares and rank you relative to those competitors.
  3. Create an Internet strategy- Know how your buyers are, what their journey is, relate your content to sales process, decide who will write content, do promotion and track results.
  4. Technology- Select solutions that will achieve your business objectives. Captora is at the top of the sales funnel and will find and lead new buyers to you instead of to your competition. This increases leads. It also automates your marketing efforts.
  5. Track the outcome- Find which campaigns work and what content works and get those buyers.
Captora helps you scale your lead generation across all Internet venues. To see how to create a lead generation plan, watch this video.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video