Lead Generation Online

The Internet has changed the way people buy. Instead of going to an office and talking with a salesman, people are looking at Internet content to find the information that they want and need. To paraphrase ExecutiveBoard, buyers are 50%+ of the way through the lead process before they contact a sales person." They have visited your website, looked at your Facebook and Twitter pages, and looked at documents and videos before they contact you. To beat the competition, you need use your existing content, your social connections and Captora!

  • Audience Specific Content - Google's mission is to provide searchers with useful content based on their intent as described by their search terms. To engage these searchers you need to create custom content based on data.
  • SEO - Marketers can't direct Internet traffic back to one generic homepage anymore. To rank higher, you must create landing pages (personalized websites) for each long tail search term you are prioritizing.
  • Captora - Captora is an Internet lead generation platform that helps you use competitive and buyer data so you can understand how potential customers are choosing your solution. The same platform can create hundreds of Internet marketing campaigns to get these leads to targeted pages. You can filtert the results of these marketing efforts and improve them to get your site in front of the right people.

See how Captora can eliminate the guesswork from your lead generation by watching this video.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video