Lead Generation Methods

In the current state of marketing, not only are online consumers actively searching solutions over brands, they are self-educating themselves as they navigate through the customer journey. In fact, "buyers go through about 57% of the customer journey before ever talking to sales."(ExecutiveBoard) This shift makes it important for marketers to have effective lead generation methods in place in order to grow their pipeline and fuel ROI. Here are some effective lead generation methods marketers can use to survive in the competitive landscape.

  • Create audience-centric content that is properly mapped to the buyer journey. Before you begin promoting your content, you must have a clear understanding of your target audience(s). Conduct interviews with past and existing customers to understand their pain points, aspirations, obstacles, where they consume their content and how your content has aided them. The key here is to understand what influences your audience(s) and then create content that covers those particular topics. Furthermore, you want to implement different content campaigns that are based on the consumer's location in the buyer journey. .
  • Once you have created quality content, you want to ensure visitors are being directed back to highly personalized and highly targeted landing pages. These landing pages should be engaging, interactive and in line with Googles best practices for SEO ranking. Furthermore, these pages should include a form that is optimized for conversions by capturing visitor information in exchange for a piece of content. Best in class companies have marketing automation platforms in place to score and nurture these visitors as they move from 'leads' to 'Marketing Qualified leads'. According to Televerde, marketing automation tools increase conversion rates by over 50%

Lastly, is a solution (such as Captora) that sits top of funnel to identify and capture net new leads. Download our ebook to learn more about lead generation!

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