Lead Generation Inbound Marketing

As modern marketers are under more pressure to generate more inbound leads, fuel ROI and accelerate pipeline, it is important that marketers understand the best lead generation techniques. Here are three tips to help modern marketers adapt to these new challenges and stay competitive in a fierce landscape.

  1. Establish Buyer Personas - Buyer personas are not as simple as 'this buyer is from x location' or this buyer is 'x age' etc. Buyer personas are detailed representations of the pain points, goals, and influences that a potential buyer takes into consideration before making a purchasing decision. They should inform you what type of content is attracting and engaging your potential buyers and where they are engaging that content.
  2. Match Content to Buyer Journey - The next step is to make your content discoverable across multiple channels at different locations throughout the buyer journey. For example, if your buyer persona is digesting content through social media and is in the discovery phase of the buyer journey, you want to have personalized content that aims to educate rather than promoting your solution. On the contrary, if you have a continual visitor who has requested a demo you should send them promotional content. The key to an effective lead generation strategy is creating audience-centric content that aims to create demand for your content rather than your solution.
  3. Optimize/Nurture/Convert - Once you have created demand for your content through personalized messages, you want to ensure that you have optimized landing pages to capture leads. At Captora, we believe optimized landing pages (Capturesites) have a direct relationship between a specific search term and the URL, title, subtitle and call to action. The next step is to have gated call to actions. This is where the visitor is prompted to exchange their contact information for the piece of valuable content they are searching for.

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