Lead Generation Companies

By employing lead generation in your marketing strategy you can attract more leads and convert them into paying customers. This seems like a lot of work (and it is), but there are many resources and technologies out there that can help you.

Here are 3 software platform types you should consider when creating your lead generation strategy:

  • Lead generation platforms: Top-of-funnel lead generation platforms, like Captora help your company scale and optimize your marketing campaigns and content to create more conversions.
  • Marketing automation: Marketing automation helps you nurture the leads you have already in your system, providing you an efficient way to nurture leads through your sales funnel.
  • Social marketing platforms: Social management platforms help marketers manage all of their social channels in one place. This is optimal for engagement and testing social messaging.

If you are looking for a top-of-funnel platform to help you find and capture buyers who aren't searching for your brand, take a look at the solutions Captora offers. Download our ebook to fuel your top-of-funnel and accelerate your marketing automation.

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