Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead generation is important for a business, which is why today's digital marketer is hyper focussed on it. With so many different channels for a marketer to use, the challenge becomes deciding on where to start. The more leads you attract, the more effective you look as a digital marketer. With more leads, comes more revenue, but that doesn't necessarily translate to increased budget, which is a challenge many marketers face today: do more with the same, or less!

Here are some budget-friendly ways to help you get your lead generation programs off the ground:

  1. Content marketing is a great way to gain brand awareness on a budget--plus, the content should be evergreen, which means you should get more bang for your buck. Write one ebook and parcel it into supplemental content for even more reach.
  2. Social media can be your best friend. Social media is a channel that you can get your content out to the world at almost no cost (or a small budget for paid promotions). Leverage Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for total exposure.
  3. Always have a blog. Your blog is a quick and easy method to displaying thought leadership and expand your brand awareness. Begin by blogging 2-3 times per week. You do need to remember, your blogs should not always be promotional. You want them to have helpful and educational content as well.
  4. Leverage a technology solution like Captora to assist you in generating more leads at scale and help you to create and optimize your content marketing strategy.

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