Lead Generation Business

Let me guess- in college you never thought you would end up in the lead generation business. However, it is imperative for today's digital marketer to have in his/her marketing knowledge base. Marketers experience the pressure to drive pipe line growth by capturing new leads before their competitors, while still delivering qualified leads. The current question marketers face is: what content is most relevant to your buyers? Today's digital world has way too many channels, no where near enough content, too few resources, and meanwhile, marketers are left in the dark about what content they need to develop.

To accelerate your inbound lead generation efforts, you need the vital insight into which campaigns to prioritize, where the demand gaps are, and where the content opportunities are to ensure you reach the right audience at the right time. While marketers are obligated to develop about ~5 campaigns per month, it is not scalable and won't increase the velocity of your inbound leads. Marketers must pair data and technology to automate the digital campaign creation process in order to drive more inbound leads into the funnel.

Captora, the leader in Digital Marketing Acceleration, can help you identify, develop, and optimize inbound campaigns. This helps marketers to engage and capture their buyers at each stage of their journey. With our solution we are helping marketers launch 300-500 campaigns per month! By using machine learning and big data, Captora helps you identify the opportunities to go after to boost conversion rates.

Check out our demo video, which showcases how Captora can help you become a pro in the lead generation business!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video