Lead Generation Advertising

Lead Generation is the exchange of a high quality piece of content for registration information. When you think of lead generation advertising goes hand in hand with it- but does it really? An effective lead gen strategy starts with identifying your buyer persona(s) and then building content that will draw and engage your target audience. The goal is to provide net new names to your marketing database. An efficient lead generation strategy places your buyers ahead of the sale. It effectively establishes the demand for your content, rather than your product.

Here are 3 methods to begin creating a productive lead generation strategy that doesn't require advertising

  1. Identify Buyer Personas - Before you begin content creation, you must understand your target audience. Setting up interviews with customers to understand their pain points, goals, challenges and most importantly, how your content can benefit them. The key here is to create targeted yet broad content that will draw your potential clients
  2. Content Alignment- Once you have an understanding of your buyer persona, start aligning your content to stages during the buyer journey. There are 3 generic stages to the buyer journey. The first stage is where buyers are actively seeking solutions rather than a specific brand. At this stage, you provide educational content, which will put you into the tier of a thought leader. In the middle stage, buyers look at your particular solution, just not yet ready to buy. They should receive nurturing and qualifying material. In the final stage, buyers have a higher propensity to purchase your solution and should receive promotional content. All three stages should incorporate distribution across multiple channels
  3. Hyper Targeted Landing Page - If you properly align your material you will be able to direct a large amount of visitors towards a particular landing page. These landing pages should be created around the specific search phrase and inline with Google's best practices. You want to have a piece of high value content that will garner the visitors attention. Aligning your content provides you with insights to grasp potential buyers at different stages of the buyer journey. The key is to be sure you maximize your content by placing a form-fill in front of the highest value content. This is a win-win situation because you collect contact information and the visitor collects valuable content.

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