Lead Generation Activities

In the current state of digital marketing, online consumers are digesting content to educate themselves on solutions rather than on brands. Furthermore, marketing is now responsible for managing customer relationship as "buyers go through about 57% of the buying process before ever talking to sales."(ExecutiveBoard) Here are three lead generation activities that will enable marketers to speak through the noise and feed their marketing databases with net new leads.

  1. Multi-Channel Distribution of Buyer-Centric Content - According to the Content Marketing Institute, online consumers spend roughly 50% of their time engaging with online content. This makes it crucial to not only be producing quality content on a frequent basis, but to also be distributing that content on multiple channels (paid, organic and social). Furthermore, this content must be catered to your target audience and where they are in the buyer journey. Understanding your audience (their goals, obstacles, etc.) and where they consume their content is of the utmost importance.
  2. Landing Page Optimization - is crucial to increasing your SEO ranking as well as your number of leads. At Captora we believe optimized landing pages, or Capturesites, have a one to one relationship between a particular demand signal (search term) and the landing pages' title, subtitle, URL and a call to action. Another important component to help convert leads is gating your desired content (a webinar, ebook, or demo) behind a specific CTA
  3. Lead Nurturing - Having valuable pieces of information gated by specific call to actions provide a win-win situation for both the visitor and your marketing team. The visitor will be inclined to give you their contact information in exchange for that piece of content, which means you have yourself a new lead. Once you have that information however, what you do with that lead next is extremely important. According to Marketing Sherpa, 79% of inbound leads never convert into sales, a lack of lead nurturing and lead scoring is the common reason. Inbound leads not only cost cheaper to generate, they also have higher conversion rates. Ensure that you are optimizing your lead generation strategy by investing in a marketing automation platform that will score and nurture leads and pass them over to sales when they are qualified.

Another tip is leveraging Captora; a digital marketing solution that sits top of funnel and enables marketers to leverage existing content to identify content gaps and opportunities. With Captora, marketers can scale and optimize Capturesites to accelerate pipeline across digital channels and repot success across multiple channels.

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