Lead Gen

Lead gen or lead generation is the idea of capturing buyers who have displayed interest in your product or service. An effective way to capture your audience's attention is by creating valuable content. Buyers have taken control of the buying process and are searching for information that will inform them about a certain product or service. By creating high quality content you will be able to break through the clutter and build trust with potential buyers.

As a marketer you are spending hours creating infographics, whitepapers, videos, and more, but it requires more than just creating content to ensure you are reaching the right audience. Your content is only as good as your promotion. So you need to ensure that you have an integrated promotion plan. In order to be effective in lead generation, you need to widen your reach. Here are 5 ways to promote your content to generate leads.

  1. Website merchandising- Content needs to be on your website. Give your buyer the option to download an ebook or piece of content to educate them about your product or service.
  2. Blog Promotion- Write a blog about your newest content asset. Make sure your blog can stand alone, but also promotes your big rock piece of content.
  3. Social Media promotion- Promote your content on social channels.
  4. Lead Nurturing- This is key. You need to keep touching your leads and build a relationship with them while they are going through the buyer journey.
  5. Paid Programs- Run sponsored emails, content syndication, PPC ads. This will enable you to reach through vendors as well as target more people.
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