Lead Details In Lead Generation

Lead details in lead generation are imperative factors to reaching your target audience. Where are your leads? What are they searching for? And what is the best approach to identifying them? There is a continual pressure to fill pipeline with new known and unknown buyers. In B2B marketing, the lead details on quality leads is crucial and can be leveraged to fill the top-of-the-funnel.

Captora is the digital marketing acceleration platform designed to help scale your demand gen efforts by providing real-time website data of those sales leads.

Key Components of Captora's Data-Driven Marketing Execution Include

  1. CONTENT – You can curate and develop new content to spearhead new campaigns.
  2. REACH – Simultaneously engage new buyers using various channels of search, social, and advertising.
  3. CONVERSION – Boost conversion rates by 100% on a continual basis to assess ROI benefits.

To learn more about Captora, watch our quick 2 minute demo!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video