Lead Conversion Rate

When marketers are interested in advancing their lead conversion rate, there are many factors they can control. Capturing the interest of visitors when they begin to make their searches depends on placing the most relevant keywords in the right contexts, and converting those visitors into buyers happens when you inspire them to participate. CTAs and other personalized engagement opportunities on well-crafted landing pages make buyers feel confident and comfortable trusting that your brand has the solutions to their problems.

However, without intimate data on the types of demand signals that lead buyers to your page through search, online marketers can flounder when it comes to really improving their lead conversion rates. Simple diagnostic tools exist to analyze information about current visitors, but these do very little when it comes to needing to know how to draw visitors who have not yet heard of or considered your brand. Marketers need reliable data to show them exactly which keywords are effective to drive conversion rates.

With Captora, marketers find that reliable data and more. Our always-on optimization rapidly executes existing content into identified gaps to bring in new buyers, and marketers can see real-time clickstream data as well as the comparison of assets to competitors. When marketers have access to this kind of patent techniques, they can ensure success in their inbound marketing campaigns and see major increases in lead conversion rates with Captora!

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