Lead Conversion Optimization

Marketers are constantly searching for innovative ways to use great content to capture the interest of web visitors. Ultimately, the goal is to turn that interest into profit; in short, converting that visitor to a customer. Dramatically increasing the percentage of these conversions -- from web visitor to valued customer -- is called lead conversion optimization.

At the very top of creating a positive experience for website visitors, content must be engaging, valuable, and meet the needs of potential buyers. It can seem impossible to know exactly what buyers are looking for when considering your product, and endlessly challenging to continually reformat content to fit these searches.

By synthesizing your pages and optimizing your content in real time, Captora's Marketing Execution Engine helps you achieve a major increase in the conversion rates of your inbound campaigns. Our data-driven technology takes the tedious tasks of inbound marketing out of your hands, and effectively puts the best possible, engaging and well-targeted content directly where your prospective buyers are looking. Captora's always-on optimization enables marketers to continuously test and optimize CTAs, offers, and content to drive the highest possible conversion rate. Captora customers see thousands of new visitors engaged per month, which leads to a major, measurable increase in conversions.

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