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As the current state of digital marketing continues to evolve, so will the responsibilities of digital marketers. These responsibilities include identifying and engaging potential customers, nurturing relationships as prospects move through the customer journey, and adding a healthy supply of net new leads to feed the sales funnel. As modern marketers are now owning a larger percentage of the pipeline, it is paramount that they are aware of the tools and technologies to help them identify and capture net new leads. Here are three tips to help you as a modern digital marketer adapt to the additional pressures and responsibilities.

  • Landing Page Optimization - Landing pages are single webpages that online consumers access when they click on a specific advertisement or link that is being promoted on any digital marketing channel (organic, paid, social). These webpages have the sole intention of answering a particular pain point or search term that is important to your target audience. The content on these landing pages is based around buyer intent signals, rather than random keywords. As Google is now hiding Keyword Search Data and penalizing companies who direct visitors back to one generic homepage, the necessity for landing pages is upon us. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your landing page.
    • Relevant Content segmented by persona and/or position in the buyer journey.
    • Pleasing and balanced design. A well-designed page builds credibility while a poorly-designed page destroys credibility.
    • Clean URL, Title, Subtitle, Header and Footer - all are based around the buyer intent signal, search term, or link that pulled in a particular visitor.
  • Content Gating - Once you have directed visitors back to a particular landing page, you want to make sure that the visitor is converting (doing what you want them to do.) This is where placing a valuable offer (white paper, ebook, demo, free trial, etc) behind a form comes into play. This process is called content gating. Essentially, you are exchanging a piece of valuable and desired CONTENT for a visitors CONTACT and registration information. If you are using a marketing automation platform (Marketo, Eloqua, Marketo, etc.) these captured leads can then be entered into your database for lead nurturing and lead follow-up.
Captora! Captora is a top-of-funnel digital marketing solution that enables digital marketers to leverage their existing content to identify and capture net-new leads that can be fed into their marketing automation database. We do this in a three step process called SEE, DO, WIN!.
  • SEE - Captora helps you see your content your competitors content in terms of reach and content types to identify key (demand phrases) key search terms. Captora then preforms mock searches around these search terms to identify demand signals (long tail buyer intent signals) and identify content gaps and opportunties.
  • DO - Use these data-driven insights to create hundreds of optimized landing pages at scale to maximize the reach and influence of your content.
  • WIN - Report the success of multiple campaigns across multiple channels.

For more information on how Captora can help you automate your top of funnel and identify and capture net new leads, DOWNLOAD OUR FREE EBOOK!

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