Lead Capture Form Best Practices

Marketers are primarily responsible for capturing leads. The most important element on landing pages is the lead capture form. Without a form, marketers won’t be able to generate leads. The main point of a landing page is having your visitors fill out the from. But, many marketers are struggling to generate leads.

  • Here are some best practices for lead capture forms.
  • Ensure your content is valuable and relevant to visitors
  • Have a clear CTA that is easy to find and tells visitors what action to take
  • Have a short and concise form to get the information you need
  • Have a valuable offer

With Captora marketers can create engaging and relevant content to capture the attention of visitors. Captora also enables marketers to continuously test and optimize campaign content, offers, forms, and CTAs to ensure each landing is delivering results. Captora helps marketers create targeted content for net new visitors that do not know of your brand.

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