Lead Capture For Websites

Marketers are constantly trying to think of new ways to capture leads. A company’s homepage usually has CTAs to capture leads. Weather it is a demo, contact us, or download a content resource, marketers are trying to get information from visitors in order for their sales team to follow up. It is common for websites to not have anything on their website for lead capture, and this causes marketers to loose out on converting visitors to leads.

One of the most important aspects of lead capture for your website is your content. Is your content engaging and relevant enough for your buyers? The content on your website should keep the buyer engaged to learn more and go through the website and ultimately end up filling out a form for lead capture. Having a tool to enables marketers to ensure that their content is relevant and that their forms and CTA are working well is crucial for marketers.

Captora has the solution to help marketers capture more leads. The Captora platform automatically creates content-driven campaigns based on buyer demand. Captora wires and optimizes all your content marketing efforts for lead capture. With Captora marketers can also continuously optimize CTAs, offers, forms, and content to ensure marketers are engaging buyers and driving conversions.

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