Launch Digital Marketing

Every digital marketer is looking for a solution to launch digital marketing campaigns in a simple, scalable way. Today's digital marketer has already learned how to maximize the middle and bottom of the funnel, but they are still faced with the challenges that the top of the funnel presents. Targeting unknown buyers has never been more important because 60% of the buying process is done anonymously.

Captora's Digital Marketing Acceleration Platform gives the modern marketer the ability to leverage existing assets and launch hundreds of campaigns across multiple channels. The platform works by providing:

  • Real-time buyer and competitor intelligence
  • Identify content and demand gaps in the market
  • Launch hundreds of campaigns in a scalable way

Captora has helped clients like Marketo, DocuSign, and Servicemax launch their digital marketing strategy to the next level. Learn how you can do the same by checkin out our E-Book!

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