Latest Marketing Trends

In order to stay competitive in the fast-paced and increasingly competitive landscape of digital marketing, marketers need to understand the latest trends that are changing the game. Most of these changes are occurring as a result in the way buyers leveraging paid, organic and social media in order to identify solutions and overcome barriers.

  • SEO Changes - It is well known that as Google is focused on providing its users with the exact content they are looking, it is constantly changing its algorithm. Here are some of the changes you should be aware of.
    • Hiding organic search data means marketers must focus on buyer intent signals rather than what keywords are driving traffic.
    • Penalizing companies who do not direct organic search traffic to a landing page but instead a generic home page
    • Mobilegeddon - penalizing companies who sites are not optimized or designed for mobile devices.c
  • Content Marketing - As Google is constantly changing its algorithm, marketers should focus less on what tweaks it is constantly making and more on providing their audience with custom, personalized content that addresses key pain points. This is what users want so its what you as a marketer must give them. Obviously, it is crucial to be aware of the changes. However, if you focus on SEO tactics alone, and not the relevancy and quality of your content, you and your websites will quickly be buried by the competition .
  • Social Media Marketing - The rise of social media usage in order to identify solutions and engage with brands is ever increasing. In fact, according to QuickSprout, 79% of Twitter users are more receptive to recommending the brands they are following than those they are not. Word of Mouth has always been a major component of marketing and social media is allowing users and brands to take that idea to unseen heights.
  • Landing Pages - Landing pages are mini-sites that tackle a specific pain point, problem or search term that is important to your target audience. They are becoming increasingly important as Google is focusing more on personalization, context and content relevancy.

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