Landing Page Tips

Today's smart buyers are digesting mass amounts of content on multiple channels in order to identify solutions, engage with companies and navigate themselves through the buyer journey. As Google is constantly making updates in order to provide users with the exact content they are looking for, the primary way users are able to do this is by accessing landing pages.

Landing pages are single websites that address a particular pain-point or search term that is relevant to your target audience. The ideal outcome is to convert online visitors into leads by providing them with extremely relevant and personalized content as well as a valuable offer. Here are 5 tips to converting visitors on landing pages.

  1. Format - In order to to be in line with what Google is looking for in regards to ranking, the URL, Title, Subtitle, CTA, and body content should all address the buyer intent signal - the specific search term that attracted a particular visitor. This indicates to Google and to users that this page is customized and addressing a specific pain point.
  2. Design - The design can build immediate trust or distrust. You want to make sure that every piece of the landing page is well balanced and visually appealing.
  3. Content - Outdated methods of stacking keywords and link building no longer satisfy Google or its users. Your content must be contextually relevant and valuable.
  4. Gated CTA - You want to ensure that your landing page is stripped of navigation and only provides your target audience with one action you want them to take. Having a link to your blog will give them an 'opt-out' and could be hurting your conversion rates. Instead place a form in front of a valuable offering to capture visitor contact information
  5. Testing - According to SteelHouse, A/B testing is the most common way to increase conversion rates as it can increase conversion rates by up to 300%. Test certain campaigns, titles, CTA's, and designs against one another to see what resonates well with your target audience.

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