Landing Page Software

Are you looking for a software to help you launch and optimize landing pages at scale? Captora could be the solution for you!

Captora is a SaaS platform that is helping companies launch hundreds of SEO-optimized landing pages to engage new buyers! With Captora, you have the ability to:

  • Leverage machine learning, competitive intelligence and web crawling to identify how real buyers are using pain statements and long tail keywords to search for or around your solution. You can then stack rank these detailed search terms by search frequency, allowing you to prioritize which ones you want to go after.
  • Easily launch hundreds of landing pages from this platform. These landing pages automatically pull what relevant content you have around that search term and then match the search term to the URL, title, subtitle, CTA and offer.
  • Incorporate your templates, CTA's, CSM, CRM and marketing automation solutions. This provides a consistent look and feel across your website and the landing pages.

See how you can launch one landing page every 15 minutes by leveraging Captora!

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