Landing Page SEO

Google is continually changing its organic search algorithm in order to provide users with the specific content that they are looking for. In 2013, Google began hiding organic search query data. While this does not affect paid ads, it made it hard for marketers to understand the main organic keywords that were driving traffic to their sites. This shift happened in order to get marketers less focused on keywords and more focused on buyer intent signals.

As personalization and content relevancy became more important to Google and its users, Google made another change. It began demoting sites that were directing organic search traffic to a generic homesite, rather than to a targeted landing page. Landing pages are single websites (not attached to a homepage) that allow marketers to engage users with relevant and personalized content.

Here are some things to keep in mind in order to improve your SEO strategy with landing pages;

  • Content Mapped to buyer personas - your content and messaging needs to address C-level execs differently than marketing specialists'
  • Content mapped to the buyer journey - short tail search terms (content marketing) vs. long tail search terms (content marketing tips for my B2B startup) can indicate where a buyer is in the buyer journey.
  • Dedicated to Buyer Intent Signals - If someone searches for "5 content marketing best practices", that search term needs to be reflected in all aspects of the landing page. The URL, title, subtitle, header, content, and offer should all address "5 content marketing best practices." This is what Google is looking for in regards to site authority, and it is what users are looking for in regards to custom content.

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