Landing Page Optimization Tips

The goal of landing pages is to convert a website visitor into a lead by capturing their contact info through your form. In order to get visitors to convert into leads you will need to create landing pages that are targeted to what they are searching for so that they can find you. Being able to reach your buyers who don't know of your brand has been a challenge for many marketers. Now, you can create landing pages that are relevant to exactly what your buyers are searching for.

Here are a few tips for optimizing your landing page.

  1. Include a header- This should be an exact match to what your buyer is searching for
  2. Relevant Content- Make sure your content is to the point. Use bullet points to make the content scannable
  3. Strong CTA- Tell your visitor exactly what to do. Think of placement, color, context, etc.
  4. Include a form- Keep it short. Ask for the fields you need, but remember no one likes filling out a long form
  5. A/B Test- There are many tools out there that enable you to A/B test different aspects of your landing page to see what variation converts higher.

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