Landing Page Optimization

Are you struggling to convert visitors on your websites? Are you under pressure from your boss to dramatically increase the number of inbound leads? If so, you should consider using landing pages as a remedy. Landing pages are accessed when an online user clicks on a link and is sent to a dedicated webpage, rather than a home page.

Essentially, landing page optimization is increasing the likelihood that an online visitor will do what you want them to do and convert into a lead. Here are 3 tips for landing page optimization.

  1. Audience Centric Content - The increased popularity of landing pages is a direct result of changes to Google's algorithm. Google no longer rewards companies for stacking sites with keywords. Google is instead rewarding companies that create relevant content around buyer intent signals. Marketers must understand their audience in order to provide them with the content they are looking for. Not only should this content be revolved around different buyer personas, but it should also be mapped to different stages in the buyer journey.
  2. Stripped of Navigation - Visitors are less likely to click on your offer if they have other links distracting them. Yes, I know what your thinking, "what if this blog relates to this topic?" Well, this is why you have resource sections. However,f you want to capture leads and increase conversion rates, your landing pages need to be stripped of navigation so the visitor has one clear action to take.
  3. Design/ Format - When building a relationship, or meeting someone for the first time, appearance and how they project themselves is extremely important. This is true when meeting people and for your landing page. Well designed landing pages, ones that are visually and easily scannable, can build immediate trust and build a relationship with that visitor.

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