Landing Page Ideas

In the current state of digital marketing, an era where Google is focused on providing relevant content to online users, personalization is key. One of the main ways marketers are able to provide online consumers with the personalized content is through landing pages.

Landing pages are targeted digital marketing campaigns that use forms to capture a visitors contact info in exchange for a piece of content or an offer. They are websites that are dedicated to resolving a pain point that is important to your target audience. Here are 5 ways you can increase conversion rates on your landing pages.

  • Always Have a Strong Call To Action - Do not clutter the page, you want a strong call to action that is visible so the visitor knows exactly what you want them to do.
  • Include a Hero Image - Use the image of the content asset you are asking people to download as pages with visuals get 94% more visits and engagement. (Televerde)
  • Use Bullet Points - bullet points or numbered lists will grab the attention of the visitor and it is a great way to lay out all the tips or suggestions you are offering
  • Matching URL, Header, Sub-Header - The URl, title, subtitle and body content ALL must exactly match what the buyer is looking for. This is what Google demands and what buyers want in a personalized campaign.
  • Include a Form - Make sure there is an area for a lead to fill out a form that is connected with your marketing automation tool. The best practice here is to err on the side of a short form with only the necessary fields for a lead to fill out.

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