Landing Page For Website

As Google is penalizing companies who are directing all search traffic back to a generic website, understanding how to build SEO-optimized landing pages is becoming increasingly important. Here are a few things to keep in mind when optimizing landing pages for your website:

  • Purpose - Keep in mind, these are extensions of your website and should focus on providing your target audience with thought leadership and educational content. The goal here is to cast as wide as net as possible by engaging your audience with the relevant content based on their search queries - not your product!
  • Structure - The URL, headline, subtitle, copy, CTA, and offer should all have the search query embedded in them. This gives your visitors a more personalized experience, while complying with Google's best practices.
  • Visual Cues - Ensure your visitors complete the action you want them to by having clear and concise headlines, bullet points addressing main points and italics or bold to highlight the search queries. Make the page scannable yet valuable!
  • Captora - A cross-channel digital marketing platform that enables companies to leverage their existing content and landing pages best practices to engage unknown buyers. Captora allows you to identify the long tail search queries that buyers are using to identify solutions in your industry. Then, you are able to launch hundreds of SEO optimized landing pages based on these specific search terms.

Are you looking to engage potential buyers earlier in their journey? Learn how Captora can help launch hundreds of landing pages in order to drive high quality traffic that converts at higher rates!

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