Landing Page Designs

While it is true that Content is King we must not forget that Design is Queen. She is what makes your offer attractive in the eyes of prospects. When it comes to keeping people’s attention and building trust it doesn’t matter how crafty you are at wordsmithery. If your landing page design sucks people will close the browser tab! Here are 3 design principles that you can start using today to increase conversions.

  • Limit Decision-Making - You don’t want to clutter a page with other links and forms that can provide opportunities for the visitor to leave your page. Instead, you should maintain one simple CTA, showing the visitor what it is exactly you want them to do and why they should do it.
  • Implement Visual Cues - Everything from the arrangement of your sentences, to the placement of colors and content, should be used to create a visual structure and to effectively convey your message.
    • Reserve large fonts to headlines and subheadings
    • Use smaller text for value proposition statements and group them with bullet points or columns with text and icon
    • Place your CTA immediately after your value proposition so action
  • Simple To Take Action - Have you ever tried to click on a tiny link or button on a page while on your smartphone but keep missing it? This can get pretty frustrating. Fitt’s Law tells us that the longer it takes to point at something, based on its size and the distance to the target object, the less likely a person is to complete the action. Make it simple!

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