Landing Page Design

So you got someone to visit your landing page. This means you know your way around SEO. However, you want them to do more than just click through. The goal is to have them convert. Here are three design principals to improve your conversion rates on landing pages.

  1. Limit decision making. The more decisions a person has to make when viewing a landing page the less likely they are to take action. You don’t want to fill a page with buttons and forms but you can maintain one simple CTA while giving the user multiple ways to take action.
  2. Use Visual Cues. Remember that you’re not just designing a landing page, you are communicating with another person so each element should fit together. Everything from typography, photography, colors and content placement should be used to create a visual structure and effectively convey your message.
  3. Make it Easy To Take Action. Imagine a prospect that has came to your landing page to download your whitepaper. She is ready to fill out the form but can’t tab through fields, company name and then has to position her cursor just right to get the button to work. This is an extreme case but it happens all too often.

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