Landing Page Copy

In the current state of digital marketing, one heavily reliant on engagement through personalization, landing pages are a marketers best friend. As buyers are interacting with content to do their own research, on multiple channels, Google is constantly using different factors to help them find the exact content that they are looking for. Marketers use landing pages to provide users in their target audience with personalized experiences based on pain points or search terms that are important to them. Here are some things to know about creating landing page copy.

  • Audience Centric - The key to creating content that Google and your audience both love, is to address pain pain points and buyer intent signals that are relevant to your audience. Th new era of marketing is all about personalization and using content to create mutually beneficial relationships. Audience centric content allows you to grow your database and helps visitors overcome a solution.
  • Be a Thought Leader - Many marketers fail at content marketing because they are trying to be over promotional. Force feeding you sales pitch is a sure way to defer a prospect. Instead, focus on being a thought leader!
  • Short Tail vs. Long Tail - Someone who searches 'content marketing' should land on a different landing page than someone who searches '10 content marketing tips for my B2B startup." In the past, both users would land on the same page. Now, it is crucial that two separate campaigns are created off these two similar intent signals. More often than not, a long tail search is more common for prospects who are in the latter stages of the buyer journey.

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