Landing Page Conversion Rates

Creating landing pages is crucial to the success of web marketing. Often, marketers underutilize this very effective tool, and miss opportunities to capture the interest of buyers who have not heard of their brand. When buyers make searches online, they are looking for solutions, and landing pages offer personalized information to make them feel confident that your brand can help.

Marketers may not always know what information is relevant and valuable for these landing pages, however. Although the technology exists to optimize each landing page through capturing visitor demographics and information, marketers still don't know what compels buyers to make searches ending on their landing pages. Without measurable data showing what these buyers are looking for, marketers can spend too much time guessing and placing irrelevant content in inappropriate contexts.

With our automated execution, Captora allows marketers to place the most effective content based on real buyer demand signals in the best channels. Landing pages are continually and automatically optimized through A/B testing, and going beyond simple diagnostics to leverage existing content. With Captora, marketers can drive much higher conversion rates through optimizing their landing pages!

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