Keys To Marketing Success

Due to a shift in the way people make purchasing decisions, marketers are now under more pressure to fuel ROI, engage potential customers and generate pipeline growth. In order to meet these goals, marketers need to be aware of the tools, technologies and best practices that lead to marketing success.

  • Content Marketing - According to DemandMetric, "Content marketing, while generating 3x as many leads as traditional marketing, costs 62% less."
  • Landing Page Optimization - Google is all about delivering personalized web experiences to its users - which in the current state of marketing can be accomplished through landing pages

So where is the opportunity for marketers? Leveraging technology!

Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration enables you to leverage buyer and market intelligence in order to understand how buyers are actively searching around your solution. With Captora, marketers can then automate the creation of hundreds of hyper targeted landing pages - enabling them to get the right offer in front of the right audience. The key to marketing success in this age of digital marketing is to leverage technology that delivers results. Learn more about how Captora can be your key to marketing success!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video