Key Metrics In B2b Marketing

Monitoring metrics is an important part of any B2B marketer's job, since they provide valuable insight on how to improve campaign performance (and also demonstrate progress to your CMO). However, knowing which key metrics to track can be difficult. Here are three that should be top-of-mind for every B2B marketer:

  • Lead conversions by channel
  • Revenue by keyword/channel
  • Content engagement metrics

Not seeing your metrics improve quickly enough? Captora delivers a Top of Funnel Marketing platform that helps companies target and launch high-performing campaigns at scale. This will help you:

  • Maximize conversions with optimized content across search, social, and advertising channels
  • Measure ROI and offer insight to improve campaigns
  • Demonstrate success by speeding high-quality cross-channel leads through the funnel

Learn more about Digital Acceleration in this video!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video