Is Marketing Productivity Improving

Each year Marketers are under pressure to deliver more results with the same or less resources. In order to hit these goals, Marketers must ensure that their marketing productivity is always improving. With multiple channels to market in and 100s of marketing tools, it is difficult for Marketers to know where they should focus their efforts.

Captora's Platform helps marketers to improve their marketing productivity by giving them a single place to manage all of their top of funnel campaigns from. Using Captora, Marketers are able to create targeted marketing campaigns at scale using the same people and resources they have today, increasing their overall productivity. Captora helps Marketers to:

  • Identify new ways buyers are searching online for their products
  • Scale 100s of marketing campaigns across channels to drive new inbound pipeline
  • Report which CTA's and pieces of content are leading to the most conversions

Check out our video to learn more about Captora!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video