Internet Marketing SEO

Are you struggling to increase conversion rates on your SEO and PPC campaigns? Are you under pressure to generate high quality leads without increasing the price per lead?

SEO enables you to deliver personalized web experiences to information hungry buyers. However, as Google is constantly tweaking its SEO algorithm, and as more and more content is promoted each day, marketers are struggling to get the right content asset in front of the right buyer. Thus, marketers are looking for alternative solutions to help them rely on data instead of guesswork to be able to reach the right buyers and create high quality leads.

Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration is a cloud-based solution that leverages your existing content on SEO and SEM channels in order to identify how people are actively searching for your solution. Captora then allows you to use these data-driven insights to build hundreds of hyper targeted landing pages. Learn more about how Captora can help you accelerate pipeline and have an impact on your internet marketing and SEO strategies.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video