Internet Marketing Online

The internet has fundamentally changed the way people make purchases. Rather than going to a company and speaking with a salesperson, people are leveraging online content in order to find the products and solutions that they are looking for. In fact, "buyers are approximately 70% of the way through the customer journey before they contact sales." (ExecutiveBoard) This means they have been to your website, your social media profile, and engaged with multiple pieces of your content before they determined they were ready to contact you. If marketers want to beat the competition in this digital era, they need to leverage content, SEO best practices, and Captora!

  • Audience Centric Content - Google is constantly trying to provide online users with relevant content based on the detailed search terms that they are using. In order to engage these potential buyers you need to be creating custom content based on data-driven insights.
  • SEO Best Practices - No longer can marketers direct online traffic back to one generic homepage. In order to rank higher on search engines, you should be creating landing pages (personalized websites)for each long tail search term you are trying to go after.
  • Captora - Captora is an online based digital marketing platform that helps marketers use competitive and buyer intelligence so they can understand how people are using detailed search terms to identify their solution or brand. Then from the same platform they can create hundreds of online marketing campaigns in order to capture these buyers on dedicated pages. You can then test the results of these campaigns and optimize them in order to get your best content and assets in front of the right audience.

See how Captora can help you eliminate the guesswork out of your online marketing strategies and get more data-driven with your campaign creation.

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