Internet And Web Marketing

Internet marketing includes all of the marketing strategies that use the web to to engage potential customers and grow brand awareness. In an era where buyers are leveraging online resources to identify new solutions and engage with brands, it is important that marketers are optimizing their internet marketing strategies to capture these potential buyers. So, how with all the channels, technologies, and competition can you ensure you are getting the right content in front of your target audience? Here are a couple ways you can optimize your internet marketing strategy.

  • Creating audience centric content on landing pages. As Google is continously changing its organic search algorithm, you need to be creating content that is relevant and contextual. Marketers can no longer direct all search traffic to generic home pages. They need to be leveraging personalized websites that are centered around a specific detailed search term.
  • Marketing Automation! As each visitor's interest level may vary, you need to have different tracks in place in order to nurture these potential buyers with relevant content and score them as they become more qualified.
  • Captora is the latest addition to the marketing stack. With Captora, marketers can gain deeper insights into how real buyers are leveraging paid and organic search to identify their solution. As many of these search terms are un branded, having a integrated marketing technology to identify these demand signals can be highly beneficial to marketers. Furthermore, Captora allows you to then use these data driven insights to create hundreds of SEO optimized landing pages, at scale!

Find out how Captora can help you leverage your existing web content to optimize your internet marketing strategy!

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