Interactive Marketing SEO

Google is constantly changing its SEO algorithm in order to provide users with personalized and interactive content. This means that in order for marketers to capture new buyers before the competition, they need to be serving relevant content to their visitors.

Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration is helping companies do this in three ways.

  • Compare your content against your top competitors to SEE what key demand signals people are using to search for and around your solution.
  • Seamlessly build hundreds of hyper targeted landing pages around the key demand signals that you want to go after. DO more across channels.
  • Test and optimize what campaigns are performing well, what channel results in the most leads, and what content asset resonates with your target audience to get more conversions

By relying on data driven insights, marketers can create interactive marketing SEO that drives results. In fact, Servicemax was able to triple conversion rates on their SEO campaigns by leveraging Captora in order to serve their website visitors with interactive content. See how Captora can help you do more across channel.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video