Integrated Marketing Strategy

Successful marketing strategies allow marketers to communicate a consistent, quality image of their brand across multiple channels. Integrating this communication leads to a reduction in noise, and creates agreement in content over paid/organic search, social media, and advertising, and this means buyers are more likely to trust your brand. Making sure that your content is not only consistent but engaging and relevant increases high-quality lead conversion and grows pipeline.

The challenge comes in determining the right message to communicate through great content. Marketers have access to some tools that help identify gaps in content, but these are simply diagnostic and end up meaning additional time is spent guessing what buyers need to know. The best strategy for integrated marketing only works if the content contains accurate messages about your brand that are relevant to buyers.

Captora offers reliable, measurable data-based tools that rapidly deliver content-rich campaigns to meet demand signals. Marketers can leverage content and learn the segments that represent opportunities to grow pipeline, and ensure that their content is relevant. With automatic indexing and always-on optimization, Captora means marketers can integrate their content-driven campaigns across all channels.

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