Integrated Marketing Software

When marketers want to have the most successful integrated marketing campaigns, they often turn to automation platforms to reach buyers across multiple channels such as social media or organic search. Running these campaigns effectively depends on marketers understanding their limited, targeted audience of potential conversion-ready buyers. Keeping content consistent across multiple channels is key to developing credible relationships with customers, and making sure that content is relevant to buyers is crucial to building those foundations.

However, most marketers don't always know what demand signals will be in buyer searches. They can always make educated guesses, but this often leads to time-consuming legwork and possible missed opportunities to engage prospective buyers in any number of channels. In order to focus efforts on creating the most relevant, great content, marketers need reliable tools that offer measurable data as well as go beyond simple diagnostic testing that often just creates more work.

Captora's technology uses keywords your buyers are searching to automatically create hundreds of campaigns, and rapidly delivers this content across multiple channels. Content remains consistent as Captora leverages only the most effective campaigns based on demand for your product. With Captora, marketers can focus on creating and fostering relationships with qualified leads, converting them into loyal customers.

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