Integrated Marketing Platform

It's no secret to Marketers that potential buyers are using multiple channels to research the products and solutions they are going to buy. Because of this, Marketers are forced to create and manage marketing campaigns across multiple channels. However, without an integrated marketing platform, marketers have to try and piece together multiple tools or manage all of these campaigns manually.

Captora's Integrated Marketing Platform helps companies automate their top of funnel and gives Marketers a single place to manage all of their marketing campaigns across the various channels. With a single place to run all top of funnel marketing campaigns from, Marketers are able to amplify their productivity and spend more time creating and optimizing campaigns to capture new buyers. With Captora, Marketer's are able to:

  • Identify how buyers are searching online for their services or products
  • Scale 100s of targeted content-aligned campaigns across channels to engage and capture new buyers before their competitors
  • Report on which pieces of content and which CTAs are leading to the most conversions, leads, and closed won deals

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Digital Marketing Acceleration Video