Integrated Marketing Campaigns

As a Marketer, how do know how your potential buyers are searching for you? With multiple channels and 1000s of different ways to search for what your company does, creating targeted integrated marketing campaigns is almost impossible.

Captora's marketing platform allows Marketers to identify how buyers are searching online for your products and allows you to scale 100s of targeted marketing campaigns that are relevant to what each potential buyers is looking for. By creating campaigns that are relevant to how people are searching for you, you can drive better results and improve the conversion rates across your marketing campaigns.

Leveraging Captora, companies have driven an exponential increase in the results of their marketing campaigns including:

  • 2-3 improvement in organic landing page conversion rates
  • 20-50% improvement in paid landing page conversion rates

Click our video to learn more about Captora and how we can help you drive better results with your marketing campaigns!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video