Integrated Marketing Best Practices

Focusing marketing strategies on integrated marketing means communicating a consistent and clear message about your brand. Increasing qualified leads comes from building credibility, which happens when communication is well-integrated across multiple channels and consistent content is seen by buyers wherever they look. Reducing noise in channels is another great, trust-building result of integrated marketing, whether in organic, social, or advertising.

Many marketers can find integrated marketing challenging, as they might have expertise in a few areas of communication, but feel rusty in others. Keeping the branding messaging consistent across multiple channels means that marketers must work to understand what content is relevant to buyers and what works the most effectively. Diagnostic tools exist to identify gaps in content, but this often makes more work for the marketer to continue guessing what information to place in those gaps.

With Captora, marketers can learn which segments are prioritized for pipeline growth, and where they might find new opportunities to engage potential buyers. Our data-driven technology means that marketers can see massive improvements in cost per lead as well as double conversion rates, by instantly leveraging the existing content that is identified as most relevant. Captora helps marketers refine their message across a diverse array of channels, reaching the most buyers effectively.

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