Integrated Marketing Automation

Running effective, well-integrated marketing campaigns means that marketers must focus on placing consistent, relevant content that creates product demand as well as engages buyers at any stage of their search. Marketers rely on marketing automation systems to segment personas as well as send drip campaigns filled with content until those leads convert to customers.

Such systems are valuable in nurturing leads already within your CRM database, but they do not allow marketers to focus on capturing prospective buyers or even re-engaging buyers without tons of legwork to address illuminated issues. When marketers want to communicate a consistent image for their brand and drive top-of-funnel growth, they need an automation platform that goes a step further to generate quality content.

Captora combines data, process and optimization to the top of the funnel, which means more leads going into your Marketing automation system. Captora sits on top of marketing automation systems to ensure marketers are engaging buyers who have not heard of their brand. Captora's patent technology automatically creates hundreds of campaigns from the keywords your buyers are already searching. Relevant campaigns, content, and CTAs are continuously being tested and edited with Captora's always-on optimization. With this technique, you can create loyal customers for your company by concentrating on driving more leads and fostering relationships.

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