Integrated Digital Marketing

Buyers today are searching for the products and solutions your company offers in 1000s of different ways and across multiple channels. Many Marketer's have realized this and have built an integrated digital marketing strategy into their overall marketing plan.

However, having an integrated digital marketing strategy that spans across channels is not enough. Buyers today, want the pages they land on to be relevant to what they are searching for. To have a successful digital marketing strategy, Marketers must personalize their marketing campaigns across all channels. This traditionally has been very difficult to do as personalizing each marketing campaign takes a lot of time and resources that most marketers don't have.

Captora's platform gives companies the ability to personalize their digital marketing strategy by allowing marketers to scale 100s of targeted content aligned campaigns across multiple channels. Captora's platform helps Marketers to:

  • Identify new terms buyers are using across channels to search for your products and solutions
  • Automate the manual processes Marketers must go through to scale targeted organic landing pages
  • Quickly create personalized paid landing pages

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