Increase Landing Page Conversions

Crucial to the success of inbound marketing strategies is the creation of landing pages. Often, marketers overlook this very important tool for capturing the interest of buyers who haven't yet heard of their brand. Buyers making searches online to find solutions to their problems will seemingly happen upon a landing page for your brand that is already optimized toward their demographics, page referrals and industry, strengthening brand credibility and making buyers feel confident in their choices.

However, these pages still need to be created by marketers who may not know exactly what content to place in various contexts. Although landing pages offer excellent ways to capture visitor information, they cannot be successfully integrated into a search campaign without the measurable data on what buyers are looking for. Marketers can end up spending too much time using guesswork to arrive at flawed conclusions if they do not have access to actual buyer demand signals or data on which campaigns are most effective.

Captora allows marketers to optimize paid search campaigns dynamically, and legitimize their content in context. Conversion-ready buyers will be engaged right at the beginning of their searches, and Captora's patent technology leverages existing content to increase the effectiveness of landing pages. Our always-on optimization continually improves key campaign elements, like CTAs, through A/B testing and works beyond simple diagnostics to place content in all the right contexts, improving landing pages and driving high lead conversion rates.

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